Information about the subjects and curriculum that is being taught at Canonbury Primary School


We aim to equip children with a secure knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts, making them relevant to everyday life wherever possible. It is important for children to know how to use and apply their knowledge and skills so we provide plenty of opportunities for practical investigations, reasoning and problem solving exercises.

An Introduction

At Canonbury we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will develop the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for future learning. We place emphasis on the core knowledge and skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics and bring the wider curriculum to life by teaching subjects in an integrated way, through topics. This ensures that subjects are taught through meaningful cross- curricular learning experiences.


Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are at the core of our curriculum. We aim for our children to develop skills in comprehension, critical and creative thinking and oral and written communication.

The Canonbury Curriculum

At Canonbury Primary School we follow the National Curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6. Our curriculum design is based firmly on the principles of good learning matched to the specific needs of the children in our school. We have designed our curriculum framework to be taught through topics. You can access a comprehensive curriculum map for each year group and an ‘at a glance’ topic overview by visiting the year group pages.


Art is taught by a specialist teacher and we pride ourselves on the quality and progression that our children show in their work. We have an art room where the children can become fully engaged in a variety of media, using a range of resources.


At Canonbury we pride ourselves on a full and rich musical experience for our pupils, from Nursery all the way to Year 6. Below you can find out about the range of opportunities on offer.

Modern Foreign Languages

According to the National Curriculum, a Modern Foreign Language is a compulsory subject for children in Key Stage 2 (aged 7 – 11 years). At Canonbury, we begin learning Spanish earlier than this, at Key Stage 1, so that so that there is more time to embed the learning and inspire a love of language.

Physical Education & Sport

Physical Education (PE) plays an integral role within the lives of our children. We provide a full curriculum that supports pupils to become physically confident, reinforce health and fitness and develop individual talent.